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Voice Over

King and his Throne (Kino Version)

Voice Over: Stefan Suske (recorded at LMP).
Regie: Michael Schlamberger;
Schnitt & Animationen: Omer Sacic.

Ich bin Steiermark (TV Version)

Voice Over: Silvana Veit (recorded at LMP).
Video & Music: ScienceVision Filmproduktion;
Regie: Michael Schlamberger.

Raiffeisen Bank Awards 2020

Voice Over: Silvana Veit.

Podcast Editing

LMP is currently taking care of getting Viktoria Urbanek Podcast ready for the web!
She is hosting a great show with lots of interesting and inspiring interviews!
If you want to get to know better Austria, its traditions, stories and beauty, here is your Podcast!

Viktoria Urbanek Podcast

Original Compositions

"INROOTS":  For this contemporary dance performance from Aldina Mischelle Topcagic, Alberto Lovison composed, recorded and later performed as well live the soundtrack.

"Winnie Wespa und die Kinderrechte" Trailer:

Hannelore Schmid als Winnie Wespa
Thomas Toppler - Regie
Alberto Lovison - Musik


Recording/Mixing and Mastering

Kett es ben:
Baráth Bendegúz - Voc and Guitar;
Tamcsu Kata Sára - Cello, Voc and Stomp-box;

Recording/Mixing/Mastering - Alberto Lovison.

Mixing and Mastering

Live Band Mix

Silvana Veit - Vocals;
Sergio Markov - Sax, Clarinet;
Hamlet Fiorilli - Fender Rhodes;
Ismael Barrios - Percussion
Alberto Lovison - E-Bass,  Mixing and Mastering.

Lange Wach

Silvana Veit - Composer and Vocals;
Nicolo Loro Ravenni - Clarinet;
Simon Reithofer - Guitar;
Alberto Lovison - Arrang, Recording,  All Other Instr,  Mixing and Mastering.


Alberto Lovison - Mixing and Mastering.

Acoustic Remixes

Make you happy.

Che Cherry - Composer of the original song and vocals;
Alberto Lovison - Arrangement and all instruments recording;
Enea Dj - Mixing and Mastering.

Beautiful Love 

Silvana Veit - Vocals;
Nicoló Loro - Saxophones;
Alberto Lovison - All Other Instruments, Arrangement, Mixing and Mastering.