Our Services

Film, Tv, Game Scoring

Do you need custom music for your film, commercial or video game? 
At The LAP we compose, arrange and record for you sound tracks from genre like Pop, House, Jazz, Latin, Cinematic, Ambient and Motivational.

silvana veit

Voice Over

We offer high quality Voice Over recordings for commercials, museums, radio spots, image films...
All our speakers are professionals and mother language: German, English, French, Italian, Spanisch.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Get your songs ready for the web!
If you already have a recording from your compositions, or the tracks from your band's live concert, send them to us along with a couple of cool reference songs you really like and we will take care of your Mix and Master!

Podcast  Recording and Editing

If you are tired from hours and hours of boring audio editing and you just want to be creative and free to produce your audio contents without troubles, contact us.
Cutting, cleaning, deverbering, editing music intros and getting your Podcast ready for any Streaming platform!