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Our Services.

Mixing and Mastering, instrument/vocal recording, remixes, arrangements, original compositions production for videos, movies, theatres, video games..
We love our work and we are perfectionists! For us, real job-satisfaction comes from helping our clients to achieve great results. Find out more about everything we offer!

LMP Team

The LAP Team

If you are interested in ordering some original music, a voice over, an acoustic, jazzy,  house or disco remix or just get some extra contents for your audio, the LAP Team is ready to work for your ideas to come alive!
We offer the services of professional speakers, arrangers, instrumentalists and vocalists.  

about alberto lovison

About Alberto Lovison

I am the founder of The LAP (Lovison Audio Production) and in the first place i am a musician with a Bachelor of arts at the Kunst Universität Graz. My big passion for composing, recording music and work with audio, lead me to develop my studio through the years. I love connecting with people and using my passion and skills to make a difference!


"his mix revealed a good side of our music..."
 Boki Radenkovic - Guitarist, singer.

Thanks to Alberto’s incredible podcast editing support, I can focus on my area of expertise: telling and sharing stories with my Austria podcast No Kangaroos. He takes my audio files from ok to great while working precisely, passionately and always on time. Highly recommend him!
Viktoria Urbanek - Podcaster of "No Kangaroos" Der Österreich Podcast

voice over

„Die Voce Over Aufnahme ist perfekt, besser als wir es uns vorgestellt haben, alle sind sehr zufrieden!“
 Robert Petutschnigg (Präsident Sc-Lattella Wörgl/Tirol)

mix 2

"Vielen Dank für die großartige Nachbearbeitung meiner Sound-Files vom Konzert in der Bluegarage. Es ist mir klar, dass es extrem schwierig gewesen sein muss, das vorliegende Live-Material zu bearbeiten! Der Mix ist großartig geworden, sehr schön ausgewogen, aber druckvoll. Du hast großartige Musikalität bewiesen! Man merkt, dass Du nicht nur Tontechniker, sondern eben auch selbst ein genialer Musiker bist. Weiter so !! Groove on"
Jörg Horina - Guitarist, singer.

The LAP Team

alberto lovison

Alberto Lovison (Italia)

Keyboards, E-Bass, Drums, Percussion.
Mixing, Mastering. 

silvana veit

Silvana Veit    (Austria)

Vocals, Song writer.
Voice over: Deutsch, Español, English.

hamlet fiorilli

Hamlet Fiorilli (Colombia)

Piano, Synthesisers, Arrangement.

nicolo loro ravenni

Nicoló Loro Ravenni (Italia)

Soprano, Alto, Tenor saxophone.